What We Do

At serenity wellness centre we use a chiropractic approach which allows us to
work with you in a holistic way.

The body is made up of an intricate web of physical and energetic connections, so when we work with a problem area we also examine the impact it is having on the rest of your body. In addition we consider the relationship between your physical symptoms and what else is going on in your life.

Through this understanding, combined with the use of light touches and, when necessary, gentle structural adjustments, we help guide your body to release areas of tension that it is not able to deal with by itself.

Problems are caused when your body cannot adapt to absorb physical, chemical or emotional stresses – and it’s only a problem if left unattended.

Our chiropractic adjustments release old patterns from the body and help you to be present to what is happening now. They improve your ability to cope with life’s daily challenges and help you progress toward health and wellness.

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